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Creative i has an award winning approach to broadcast TV, radio production and On-line imaging. We start by building a solid client relationship through good communications and by researching what drives business for our clients. Once we clearly understand the business trends in their specific markets, we move on to objectives and direction. Our creative becomes the backbone of all of our campaign ideas. We always start with a strong campaign line, a fun musical idea and a graphic look that resonates with the property and the clientele. Our goal is to produce entertaining and informative advertising that leaves lasting impressions.
Whether we are approached by a Casino, or a full-service gaming Resort complete with all the amenities, such as a world class Hotel, each property must be marketed in unique ways. Our job is to find that unique specialty and package the business to attract a new customer base, and keep the existing guests coming back. There is always something new to advertise. Our design strategy takes this into consideration. Each month the scripts, graphics and programs change, but the integrity of the message is always familiar.
The message brand and image are of the utmost importance. Your guests should always know what to expect when they walk in the door of your property.
There are three critical phases that we deliver to every one of our clients:
The Creative i production team includes award-winning dedicated professionals that know how to shoot great footage at an exceptional value. We are known for staying on schedule, being friendly and professional, keeping within budget and having lots of fun while we do our job.
The Creative i editorial team draws on experience from movies, music videos and national & regional commercials. We have a keen eye for incorporating graphics and effects to give your property the attention it deserves. We believe that your commercials must stand out in the clutter.
The Creative i music and sound design team is the best any one can find in the
Advertising business. Music & sound is our universal language that helps deliver the
clients message. We pride ourselves in winning awards, but we really smile when
your revenue goes up. Check out our portfolio.
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